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The TOPAS870s Starter Kit is designed for the Toshiba microcontrollers
TMP87PH46N and TMP87P808N. The picture on the right shows the PCB
of the kit.


The TOPAS870s Kit features:

Toshiba Tools:
ANSI C-Compiler, C-like Compiler,Assembler, Linker, Converter
AND Tools:
Micropack 870 (SKE) Software simulator for TLCS-870
AND Prodesk Code Generator for TLCS-870
OTP programming and evaluation board to enable device programming from the PC with power supply and serial cable
OTP samples of TMP87PH46N and TMP87P808N
Full software manuals, programmer's guide and data sheets on CD-ROM
Software samples and tutorial

Topas 870s
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