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The Application Board for the Starter Kit Series for TLCS-900 microprocessor devices  (TOPAS900 series) is a hardware platform to develop and test frequently  used functions.
The picture below shows the Application Board PCB:



The PCB is composed of the following components:

  • LCD-Display with 2x16 characters
  • Two serial communication ports (UARTs) with RS232 drivers
  • 4-key inputs
  • LED output
  • Analog input pins
  • Analog output pins
  • Potentiometer for defined analog input
  • LM75 - intelligent temperature sensor with I²C interface
  • ST95040 - EEPROM device with SPI interface
  • three connectors for three starter kits of the TOPAS900 series PGA104 socket for TOPAS900 Flash II
  • 34-pin pin header for TOPAS900 CAN
  • 6 rows of 17 pins each, for TOPAS900 Standard


The kit comes with a set of software modules that support the  hardware components of the PCB and all three hardware platforms listed  above.

  • 4-bit bidirectional LCD-Panel driver
  • I²C driver (I²C master protocol)
  • LM 75 temperature driver
  • SPI bus driverST95040 serial EEPROM driver
  • Keyboard matrix input driver
  • A/D conversion driver
  • Serial RS232 line driver


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