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The TOPAS900 FLASH II Starter Kit is designed for the Toshiba TMP95FY64 microcontroller. The picture below shows the PCB that can be devided into two parts.

Topas 900fl2

The TOPAS900 FLASH Kit features:

  • IAR Systems' TLCS900 tool chain:
    • Windows ™  Workbench
    • C-Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Converter
    • C-Spy Simulator / Debugger with ROM-Monitor
  • Toshiba Tools:
    • C-Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Converter
    • TMPro Debugger
  • TMP95FY64 Flash MCU evaluation and programming board
  • Software library
  • Documentation on CD-ROM

The TOPAS900 FLASH Kit details

The TOPAS9OO Flash is not just a simple evaluation board. It is a powerful development
platform with outstanding features as In-Circuit debugging and field Flash programming capability.

Plug and Play
A menu shell guides you through the installation steps. Chose between the IAR Systems comfortable
tool chain or the Toshiba original tools and you are immediately able to:

compile pre-build projects
download, debug and run program examples on the eval-board
change or update the ROM monitor in Flash
program the MCU's on-chip Flash.

In-Circuit Debugging and Flash Programming
The Flash Carrier Board (just 51 x 56 mm) with the TMP95FY64F MCU, 128 kB SRAM  and additional
512 kB Flash EEPROM can be separated from the eval-board and builds a single board computer.
The remaining part interfaces the PC and becomes  the Flash programming board. A simple 10-pin
flat cable connects the two boards. By placing the Flash Carrier Board into the target PCB in-circuit
debugging is  possible. The ROM monitor resident in the external Flash memory supports the debugging
functions. Comfortable Windows debuggers make life easy and identify  software bugs. Finally, the program
can be loaded into the internal or external Flash and the board runs stand-alone.

Do you need 12C, SPI, LCD ... drivers?
A comprehensive set of software drivers written in C comes with the kit and ensures an easy start and fast
prototyping. Drivers for the on-chip peripherals as  A/D converter and UART are provided as well as software
implemented I²C or SPI interfaces.

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